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{Italian dishes like corn tortellini and roasted beef tenderloin with tomatoes and parmesan are among the Restaurant Week offerings, which can be paired with wines ($29 to $39). Guests can opt for a $35 four-course Restaurant Week menu, or a five-course for $55. Restaurant Week menus bring a mix of Asian-fusion dishes like sushi, dumplings, and wok-seared scallops.|most casual restaurant takes its approach to rustic Italian cooking seriously, with robust pastas and roasted meats and seafood. Guests at this modern American can opt for Restaurant Week lunch menus at the bar, or in the dining room during dinner. Opt for bottomless Balkan plates and drinks (including alcohol) during Restaurant Week for $48; a four-course menu is priced at $35. Chef Mike Isabella dishes up Italian and Jersey-inspired specialties, including a special Restaurant Week brunch.|But unlike other Portland restaurant openings, where the service might be great but the food falls flat, or the dishes are creative but the room is dead, Renata fired on all cylinders from the drop. Sandra even imported a service standard from Benu, the San Francisco restaurant that recently earned three Michelin stars of its own, involving a damp cloth crumber, a bamboo box and a discreet drawer. Among the very best of Istanbul and Turkey restaurants, Matbah takes pride in being published in many Istanbul restaurant guides as an exquisite Ottoman restaurant.}

{Restaurant'ın ödüllü ekibi tarafından hazırlanan birbirinden lezzetli yemeklerini tadabilir, Taksim manzaralı Bar ve Lounge'da arkadaşlarınız ve ailenizle keyifli saatler geçirebilirsiniz. Yemekli iş toplantıları gibi özel günlerinizde, isteğinize göre özel menüler de sunuyoruz. Bu nedenle tanınmış ve büyüme potansiyeli vaad eden bir markanın çatısı altında girişimci olarak faaliyet göstermek, en risksiz iş modellerinden biri diyebiliriz.|In 2008, the couple married, left Napa Valley and found work in San Francisco — Nick as director of operations at the Restaurant Group, Sandra at Benu, former French Laundry chef Corey Lee's new restaurant. San Francisco wasn't going to work, either for opening their own restaurant or for raising two children. Nearly 18 months and a seemingly never-ending run of city permitting hurdles later, the building once again hums with life.|As with all the other businesses in the area the restaurant was expropriated for the construction of Jackson Square in 1969. Opened in 1967 by Fred and Rosa Oberreiter, the German/Austrian restaurant at 255 King St. E. has long been famous for schnitzel, goulash and other European dishes. The stonewalled restaurant at 525 Barton St E. has been feeding Hamiltonians for more than 70 years and was the first to bring pizza-pie” to the city. Russell Williams, owner of the Bright Spot chain, opened a restaurant under his own name in Hamilton in 1932. The Williams family sold the business in the early 1980s, but the restaurant continues to operate today.}


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