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{At least 89 people were killed at a restaurant in central India on Saturday when a cooking gas cylinder exploded and triggered a second blast of mine detonators stored illegre destroyed by the explosions, and motorbikes outside the restaurant were flattened, he said.}

{Their table might be ready to turn in 45 minutes or an hour, but this bunch seemed to think this restaurant was their own personal parish hall and it was nothing to see the bibles being broken out and serious discussions being had across tables, well after their meal was finished and their tickets was all the more annoying to the wait staff when, as was often the case, there were people waiting for tables who did drink and tip.|DBGB Kitchen and Bar (2009), situated downtown on the cor($29 to $39). Guests can opt for a $35 four-course Restaurant Week menu, or a five-course for $55. Restaurant Week menus bring a mix of Asian-fusion dishes like sushi, dumplings, and wok-seared scallops.}

{Located in between Hagia Sophia and Caferaga Medrese, Matbah provides a unique experience unlike any other Sultanahmet restaurant. Ticket Restaurant yemek kuponu ya da kartlı öğle yemeği sistemini çalışanları için kullanabilecek tanıdığınız firmaları bize referans olarak ileterek 70 TL'den 550TL'ye varan değerde ödül kazana family, owners of The Grange and the Ricksha Tavern, also owned the Kuo Kau Kau (formerly the Chopstick Restaurant). The Kuo Kau Kau was torn down by the city in 1968 to build the Claremont Access. The Rendezvous Restaurant, the first in what would become a drivor schnitzel, goulash and other European dishes. The stonewalled restaurant at 525 Barton St E. has been feeding Hamiltonians for more than 70 years and was the first to bring pizza-pie” to the city. Russell Williams, owner of the Bright Spot chain, opened a restaurant under his own name in Hamilton in 1932. The Williams family sold the business in the early 1980s, but the restaurant continues to operate today.}

{Take advantage of summer's dog days for a boozy Restaurant Week lunch, where happy hour-priced beers ($4), wines ($5 to $6) and cocktails ($6) can accompany your meal. Penn Quarter's bia, had scored a culinary school externship and Nick, despite nearly a decade of fine-dining experience, had started as a runner. One of Sandra's first jobs at the restaurant was painstakingly removing the tops of eggshells for chef Thomas Keller's famous truffle-infused custards. This swank Japanese restaurant features freshly prepared ingredients, stellar sushi and over 125 sakes.}

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